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Flavor Flav Arrested In Las Vegas

Written by Barnaby Smith on May 4, 2011

Troubled Public Enemy rapper and ‘star’ of reality TV Flavor Flav has reportedly been arrested by police in Las Vegas on four outstanding misdemeanour warrants for driving offences.

The AP reports that Las Vegas police Officer Marcus Martin told the media that Flavor, real name William Jonathan Drayton, was arrested in the Nevada city. He was picked up due to two outstanding warrants for driving without a license, one for driving without insurance and one related to a parking citation.

Martin said that Flavor Flav was no longer in custody.

This news is pretty small cheese for a man who was in and out of custody as a teenager, spent thirty days in jail in 1991 for assaulting his girlfriend, was charged with attempted murder in 1993, has faced various drug charges over the years and had numerous spells in rehab.

Inevitably, Flavor turned to Twitter to vent his spleen on the matter, posting, “Hey y’all this is FLAVOR FLAV, I was on my way home from Benihana’s I got pulled over by a curious Rookie Ass Cop” and “he found out I had a traffic warrant wanted to make a name for himself took me in and now I’m home laying my bed what’s the big deal?!

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