Ghettoblaster, Q bar – 04/06/2011

Written by Vidette Moore on May 24, 2011

What goes together better than drinking copious amounts of cheap booze and skateboarding?! Well probably a lot of things actually… but that hasn’t stopped some dudes cramming a half pipe into Qbar along with a few kegs of beer, live art, DJs and a couple of rad Sydney bands. On June 4th Archers, Mere Women and Conics take the stage at Ghettoblaster in Sydney.

Connics list Depeche Mode and The Cure amongst their biggest influences, but they sound like the love child of The Klaxons and The Drums. Their sound is a great energetic mesh of harmonised vocals, jagged beats and twangy indie electro, if you haven’t heard them yet check out their track Illuminate here.

Whether you go for the raucous house party vibe or because you have a sophisticated appreciation of fine art and quality music, you’re bound to have a good time; the only issue is whether you’ll be able to remember it the next day after drinking what they call “Purple Drank”.

Ghettoblaster @ Q bar, Saturday June 4th

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