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Kanye Has Finally Revealed What T.L.O.P Means And The Album’s Final Tracklist

Written by Sam Murphy on February 11, 2016

It’s been a big ride in the lead-up to the release of Kanye‘s next album which has been called So Help Me God, Swish, Waves and T.L.O.P at different times but it seems to have been locked-in now ahead of its release tomorrow.

Kanye tweeted a few days ago that the album title’s acronym was T.L.O.P and offered a free pair of Yeezy sneakers to whoever guessed it right. Well, if you guessed The Life Of Pablo, you should be asking Kanye for those shoes because that’s what the album will be called.

Along with the album title he’s dropped the final tracklist which includes the previously released Real Friends. He has, however, dropped No More Parties In L.A. with Kendrick Lamar from the final tracklist which is odd given that it’s the song that mentions “Pablo” numerous times.

“I feel like Pablo when I’m workin’ on my shoes, I feel like Pablo when I see me on the news, I feel like Pablo when I’m workin’ on my house,” he raps in the track.

He shared the tracklist and album title on a notepad. Next to the album title The Life Of Pablo, he’s written “which Pablo?” So now the guessing game turns to that. The most popular choice on Twitter right now is Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar but some people are also saying it could be Pablo Picasso. Last year Kanye gave a lecture at Oxford University Museum of Natural History comparing himself to the Spanish artist.

He’s due to launch the album tomorrow during the Yeezy Season 3 launch at Madison Square Gardens. The show will be live streamed on Tidal from 8am tomorrow morning AEDT.

Listen: Kanye West – Real Friends

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