Listen: The Flaming Lips – Tracks From Gummy Fetus

Written by Brayden Darke on July 19, 2011

Some tracks have appeared online from The Flaming Lips latest Gummy EP creation, an editable bubblegum flavoured candy fetus which contains a 3 track usb EP.

The gummy fetus is the second (of three?) gummy creations being released by the Flaming Lips. The first was the Gummy Skull EP (which had a marijuana flavoured candy skull as packaging) and the third gummy based creation, a Skull Vagina. Watch this video for more details on that.

PsychExFutureHeart blog have more info + pics of the Gummy Fetus here

Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Existential Fear Part 2 + Steven’s Moonbow

Squishy Glass

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