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Monday Records present HAPPY indie arvo at The Sly Fox

Written by Clarence Knight on October 8, 2010

Monday Records, the folks behind Circle, Opanoni and The Raindrops, Girl is the New Boy and a heap of other bits and pieces have recently launched Happy – a night of indie pop, poetry and music.

Encompassing a motley collection of bands, poets, writers and DJs the Monday crew invite you to join them for an evening of smiles and musical epiphanies, every SUNDAY at The Sly Fox in Enmore, NSW.

Check it

THIS SUNDAY OCTOBER 10, you can catch performances from the likes of:


Big Smoky

Line Drawings

and spoken word by Clarence Knight and David Bowden

Wanna get involved? If you’d like to send music, art or pieces of your broken heart please feel free to do so. Send a link or just an email your killer ideas to:

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