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Sydney’s Sly Fox Hotel Told To Stop Amplified Music After 3am

Sydney’s Sly Fox Hotel, which is outside the area cover by the city’s controversial lockout laws, says it has been told to stop playing any amplified music after 3am beginning tonight, in a move which the venue’s owners call an “oppressive tactic”.

As Stoney Roads reports, Local promoter DJ Mark Dyanmix, who has his Jack The House party scheduled for tonight, has taken to Facebook to share the news with punters.

In the post, which can be read in full below, Dynamix says, “Due to the current climate RE: lockouts & heavy handed tactics against the venue this week by the NSW Licensing authorities, the Sly Fox Hotel have literally just been told hours ago by the licensing police that they will have to cease playing any amplified music after 3am.

“Ironically, the Sly Fox is allowed to continue trading and serve alcohol past 3am but as of midnight tonight the venue is under order to cut off any amplified music of any kind past 3am.”

Dynamix says the Sly Fox, which is situated in Enmore within the Marrickville Council area, is facing a restriction which is “designed to bring us in line with other venues in Sydney (apart from the casino)”.

“The Sly Fox has traded until 6am since the 1980’s with a 24-hour license with no issues. We will have to turn the music off at 3am, we are very sorry but our hands are tied. We are as angry and frustrated by the situation as you.”

Dynamix says tonight’s party-goers are invited to bring along acoustic guitars and tambourines “to sing your favourite house tunes through until close, with beer in hand (without microphones — that’s the law). That is how ridiculous the situation is in this city”.

John Wardle, Policy Director at the Federal Government’s Live Music Office, tells Music Feeds that Marrickville Council has delivered a “really comprehensive live music plan” to support live music, and that the noise restriction placed on the Sly Fox is part of a system which monitors venues on a case-by-case basis.

“There’s obviously been some representation made to council, and a subsequent response. These are often on a case-by-case basis, and I’m not seeing it as a blanket restriction across all premises within a council in Sydney,” Mr Wardle says.

Commenting on a post to its Facebook page, the Sly Fox has apologised to punters and announced that it’s bringing tonight’s set times forward to work around the new restriction.

The noise restriction against the Sly Fox arrives on the same day that the Live Music Office revealed new data which shows a 40 per cent drop in live music revenue for Sydney’s CBD lockout zone since the lockouts were introduced in February 2014.

Catch Mark Dynamix’s full statement, below.

Mark Dynamix Statement Regarding Sly Fox Noise Restrictions


Posted by Mark Dynamix on Thursday, 18 February 2016

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