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Mum presents 15 bands and 108 hands

Written by John Ritchie on July 7, 2010

Its the middle of the year, its damn cold and there is nothing much on anywhere so MUM is throwing a huge party across all three levels of World Bar on Friday July 16 to warm things up.

Enter ’15 BANDS AND 108 HANDS’.

With 8 bands playing every week at MUM we thought we would just about double that for this party and now we are have 15 awesome bands with a total of 54 band members and you guessed it 108 hands.

In the band room THE LAURELS headline with their perfect combination of psycadelic rock, shoegaze and catchy harmonies. These guys exemplify what playing together solidly for three years does for your skills.

MYTH & TROPICS are really new on the scene and feature a member of the recently defunct rock outfit THE SCARE. There is loads of hype surrounding these luckily they kill it and will quickly ascend into rock royalty.

ZEAHORSE are always a favourite at MUM and that’s because they remind you every time why you love rock n roll. They’re Energetic, fun, catchy and they give you an outlet to let loose on the dance-floor.

The back-room will also feature the experimental electronic sounds of DOMEYKO/GONZALEZ.

And closing out the live component of the band room is IDEA IDEA with their hints of Nintendo backed by ballerina vocals and sexy synths not too mention their amazing stage theatrics. IDEA IDEA is MUMs pick of the night.

Up in the Tearoom on level one another 5 bands fill the room till late with live music. IN THE DOLL HOUSE have returned to MUM from Newcastle with their haunting sounds. Keeping with the play toy theme DEAD CHINA DOLL who have tracks like ‘We Lost Our Souls To Rock ‘n’ Roll That Was Fucked In The Ass’ are also in the tearoom and but are not as viscious as their name suggests so dont be scared.

Also in the Tearoom are TIN CAN BLOOM from The Blue Mountains who apparently don`t have genetic relations to Bob Dylan but we`re not so sure if thats true judging by their style .

SALOONS are a new band from Sydney about to set out on their first tour and will preview their understated dance rock that relies upon good song-writing not oversaturated synths. They are going to be epic, they even have harp player!

Catch EUSH in the Tearoom, they will surely dim the lights and leave you wandering in the dark and getting lost in their songs.

For six months upstairs on level 2, The Bordello has been been Sydneys premiere mini indie venue. Week after week the room is overflowing with people and bubbling with energy you only find with young bands who want to push themselves and their crowd. Expect nothing different for the 15 BANDS AND 108 HANDS party.

MARCH OF THE REAL FLY released a new single last week of fun indie folk that you can spin and twirl to. They will be backed up by HATTIE CARROL who make beautiful music that takes you travelling, With song names like Canada, Ballina and Zoo you will surely be transported somewhere else during their set.

The Bordello will also see performances by THE TOURIST and their intricacies then catch 49 GOODBYES who will make you stomp anyone that says ‘anything but country’ in their music preferences as these girls create soothing country styled harmonies.

Then knocking out the top level at World Bar is 2009 National Band Comp winners and July residents at MUM INDIGO RISING.

There wont be bands in the front bar this time so don’t stress about not being able to score a beer easily but there will be a long list of rad indie DJs including WALKIE TALKIE, JACK SHIT (FBi), SWEETIE (FBi), VIVIENNE KINGSWOOD (BADWIVES/BONDI FM), ELECTRORASH.COM DJs, THROWSHAPES.COM.AU DJs, ANIMAL CHIN, NIC YORKE, PHIPHIDOESDIDI, LLOYD, NUDE DJs, GATSBY, SKULLY BOO, COSMIC EXPLORER and some random surprise guest DJs too.

Take advantage of the generous drink deals with $4.50 Vodkas or VBs for students all night, $8 cocktails 7pm-9pm and a few other bonus drink specials to be announced next week.

MUMs 15 bands and 108 hands party Friday July 16.

Free before 8pm, $20 after.

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