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Pitchfork Movie In The Works

Written by Barnaby Smith on June 14, 2011

Nearly a year on from David Fincher’s acclaimed film The Social Network, it looks like the other great online influence on our cultural times, Pitchfork, is also set to be rendered on the big screen too.

The Guardian reports that the plot of the film will centre around a mother whose son’s band receives a witheringly bad review from the taste-making website. She then sets out on a course of revenge after her son is killed in a car accident. The film is the brainchild of writer-director pair Mark and Jay Duplass, who previously have given the world Cyrus, Puffy and Baghead. The brothers are known for pioneering the genre of ‘mumblecore’, that is, low budget, witty and shot in a deliberately amateurish way.

The LA Times reports that the movie, still in its very infant stages, will be a ‘thriller’ about a mother’s vendetta against an over-harsh critic. Jonah Hill, who previously worked with the Duplass siblings on Cyrus, is being touted to play the hapless teenage blogger, with the potentially impressive coup that would be Susan Sarandon apparently in talks to take on the role of the mother.

Mark Duplass has in fact been on the receiving end of one of Pitchfork’s critiques. His band Volcano were reviewed by the site in 2004, and were somewhat dismantled. Duplass’s band were described as “utterly forgettable”, “imbecilic”, “inane” and “painfully clumsy”.

The newest films from the Duplass brothers, Jeff Who Lives At Home and The Do-Deca Pentathlon, are out later this year.

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