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Protest The Hero Declare New Album “More Challenging Than Ever Before”

Written by Mike Hohnen on January 10, 2013

Canadian progressive metallers Protest the Hero have announced today that fans can officially get excited. According to the band’s Facebook, the group’s forthcoming album is almost totally written and they are now looking towards recording.

Via the post, the band put a loose timeframe on the project, tipping “March or April” as the months that they will be in the studio and suggesting that the album will be out in time for the northern hemisphere summer, so June-July sorta thing. Already the album is sounding pretty out-of-control, with the gang labelling the new material they have been working on as “more challenging than ever before”, adding that “we know we’ll have to work hard to bring it to life”. Crazy stuff considering just how wild their previous albums have been.

The last full-length from Protest the Hero dropped in 2011. Scurrilous marked album number #3 from the outfit and left some pretty big shoes for #4 to fill.

The band have locked in 2013 as the year for the album to happen, and advise that you stay tuned for more goodness

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