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Radiohead Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 09/11/2012 – Live Updates

Written by Sneha Dave on November 9, 2012

Having missed out on Sydney tickets to Radiohead’s first show in almost 10 years, coming to Brisvegas was my only option, but fuck it. It’s Radiohead, a band high on my bucket list. After waiting for what felt like FOREVER, I woke up this morning with a big ass smile on my face. RADIOHEAD DAY! I thought to myself, “what a day, eh Millhouse? The sun is shining, the birds are singing”. It appears I spoke to soon.

Counting down the hours until my flight to Brisbane, Mother Nature had a menopausal fit with torrential hail and rain coming down hard and heavy on my dreams. I then thought to myself, “if my flight is cancelled and I miss Radiohead, I will kill myself. Goodbye sweet world.”

LUCKILY the sun reared her beautiful head and I was back on track… ALMOST. Delayed flights plus an extra half an hour in the air meant I literally made it just in time. BUT I MADE IT!! Despite rumours of a self-indulgent set list, my heart is racing like a bitch as I head to Brisbane Entertainment Centre, because I know whatever Thom does – it will be worth it. Stay tuned for my live updates. WARNING: There will be tears…

UPDATES: Radiohead, Brisbane Entertainment Centre 09/11/2012 (*Note – Updates in Brisbane local time)


23:06pm To everyone seeing them in sydney later this week, you will be in for an experience of a life time!! Goodnight!
23:00pm WOW WHAT A FINALE!!!
22:59pm Ahhh THOM is jumping around the stage, energy is so high!
22:58pm ICE AGE COMIN!!! Fuck yes!
22:58pm YES YES YES They’re back again!! IDOTEQUE!
22:57pm Stage lights are Flashing!!
22:56pm Stage is still alight!! And back ground music is playing!! I AM NOT LEAVING UNTIL THE HOUSE LIGHTS ARE ON!!

22:53pm Band is leaving the stage, everyone is on their feet applauding!

22:51pm Ahh Thom just took a bow and left the stage…

22:49pm Ahhhh it just got a kick of drum and bass!!

22:48pm So pretty!!! THOM singing a stunning live song on the piano!

22:47pm Haha he’s saying something but I can’t understand through his cockney accent <3

22:42pm YES YES YES THEY’RE BACK!!! If they play Karma Police I will die…

22:41pm Don’t leave DUMMIES the lights are still down, second encore for sure!!

22:39pm They just left the stage ūüôĀ Second Encore please!!!

22:37pm The goosebumps keep rolling in with Street Spirit!! Fadeeee outttt againnnn <3
22:34pm Satisfied does not cut how I’m feeling right now!!! Top 5 musical moments achieved!

22:31pm Ahh one of the best break downs ever!


22:30pm Every single person is singing along!! MAGIC!

22:29pm The time has come!! PARANOID ANDROID!!!!

22:28pm Hahahah THOM just said “Hello”

22:25pm Yupp, shit just got heavy for Good Morning Mr Magpie!

22:24pm Wow. The applause is ridiculous…

22:23pm Everyone around me is dead still because even the slightest movement might impede the beautiful flow of music.

22:21pm Drums just kicked in my heart is beating a little faster! fuck…
22:20pm Cello and Piano for PYRAMID SONG. Actually cannot handle how amazing this is.

22:19pm When I’m an old crazy cat lady living in a haunted house I want my ghost to sound like Thom Yorke.

22:16pm This is so beautiful I’m shaking…

22:15pm GIVE UP THE GHOST!! My fav song from King Of Limbs!!

22:15pm Hahaha THOM just said “would you like a little more” all proper and British like!! OH THOM YES!!

22:14pm YES THEY’RE BACK!!


22:12pm The applause is CRAZY!! ENCORE PLEASE!

22:11pm HA! My friend next to me just told him I’m making him deaf with all my screaming. Going deaf after hearing radiohead ain’t a bad thing buddy!!

22:10pm They’re leaving the stage ūüôĀ


22:02pm No lyrics necessary! The music and Thom’s glitchy wails enough <3
22:00pm Ahhhh shit just got psychedelic!! Crazy blue and red lights! Seriously I cannot describe how much I feel like I’m on an Intergalactic journey right now! Bass just got real heavy, crazy lights flashing on stage…

21:57pm Sorry if I stop for a bit.. I just need to have a moment or two to soak it in! IM SEEING RADIOHEAD!! AHH

21:54pm Stage is a light blue! Looks like their under the sea! Man I’m so thirsty now!! But I can’t leave!! Radiohead will have to quench my thirst for now.

21:51pm My friend just asked me, “is this what acid feels like?” My answer, “this is so much better”

21:50pm Woahhh spine chilling guitar riffs, thumping drums for There There, I Love this song

21:47pm THOM just announced they’re doing a new song so they don’t go mad. It’s called Staircase. Signature radiohead! They really can do no wrong!

21:45pm Not even kidding! Totes feel like getting nude up in here. Thom be doing something to me!!

21:43pm Bluesy bass and sexy guitar riffs for Nude!

21:40pm UM HE’S PLAYING HIS GUITAR WITH HIS MOUTH. Yeah. That’s a thing that just happened.

21:38pm There’s an interview recording playing in the background leading into Climbing Up The Walls!!

21:36pm You can’t see it very well but Thom’s face is split across 18 screens…

21:33pm YOU AND WHOSE ARMY!!! what a fucking insane tune!

21:33pm Piano is back! Thom’s mumbling into the mike

21:31pm I feel hypnotized. Thankyou Radiohead!

21:29pm I actually can’t describe how happy I am to hear this in person! My ears feel blessed!! RESPECT MR YORKE <3
21:28pm RECKONER!! This is actually one of my all time faves!! Nice to see rainbows making an appearance!!

21:26pm He just said “cheers everybody” in his sexy English accent. SWOON

21:23pm The stage is drenched in red for Separator! He’s moving his hands are dancing like they have a mind of their own!

21:20pm HOLY FUCK! His dancing is the best thing I’ve seen ever!! Making full use or the stage he’s half doing the running man/old grey mare dance from the Simpsons!

21:17pm THE GLOAMING!! He’s sucking me down to the otherside!!!

21:16pm The base is pulsing!! The visual displays are insane!! I feel like I’m on a space ship!!!

21:14pm Thom Yorke, the king of quintessential white boy swag!! He’s dance moves are from outer space!!

21:13pm MYXOMATOSIS!! One of my faves from hail to the thief!!
21:11pm He’s cracking jokes now…LOVE!
21:09pm The band just kicked in, it’s getting heavy now! Ahhh PERFECTION!!!
21:08pm Ahhhh he just took to the Piano!! With a song called The Daily Mail…It’s AMAZING. Just THOM and a piano!!

21:04pm Girl next to me just said “I felt like I was being dragged by my feet through the trees, crouching Tigre hidden dragon style”

21:00pm Taking it down for the second song. The stage is emitting a stunning aqua green! Can’t say I can name the tune but its fucking beautiful! Lots of signature Thom wails. The audience is still, in awe!

20:57pm Thom York just greeted the crowd…

20:53pm THOM York is a mere speck on stage but WHAT A SPECK!!! The crowd is going ape shit!

20:51pm LOTUS FLOWER!!! Excuse me while I bust out some glitchy dance moves!!

20:49pm THOM just walked on stage!

20:46pm IT’s TIME!!

20:41pm T SHIRT ACQUIRED!! In the nosebleeds! The seat of champions!! The energy is crazy! The band is set to come out any second now!! Hurry!!

20:30pm MERCH! Line is insane!! But Whatevs I’m getting me a Radiohead t-shirt after the ordeal I’ve been through to get here!

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