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Rob Zombie Calls New Album ‘Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor’, Sets April Release Date

Written by Mike Hohnen on January 31, 2013

Rob Zombie has dished out the goods on his forthcoming album, revealing the album title for the first time, as well as the official release date. According to the man himself, we can expect an absolute weapon of an album.

Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, as it has been called, will be released Tuesday, 23rd April. This time round, Zombie’s release will be facilitated through Zodiac Swan/T-Boy, T-Boy Records being the new joint venture between veteran rock manager Andy Gould and Universal Music Enterprise, which is set to represent a slew of high profile musicians. Bob Marlette produced the release. He has previously worked with Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper, just to name a couple.

Speaking with Toledo Free Press (Via Blabbermouth) Zombie feels that this is going to be a total stand-out album, “It seems to happen every couple of years or every 10 years or every five years or whatever, you have a moment when it all comes together. Not that the other records are bad, but not every record can be like the most inspired event in your life. But for some reason, this one feels like it is. The songwriting, the sound of it, the vibe, the production — it’s special.”

Musically speaking, Zombie explains that “it’s hard to describe music to somebody if they haven’t heard it, but I feel like it’s the best of all of the things I’ve done.”

“I’ve finally found a perfect match between the old stuff I did and the new stuff. That’s the way it sounds to me anyway,” he concluded.

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