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Sia Announces ‘Best Of’ Album After Qutting Last Week

Written by John Ritchie on February 24, 2012

Last week Sia announced she was quitting music again, now she has announced the release of a new Best Of album. Last week she took to Twitter to announce her retirement:

@siamusic: hi. i’m not touring or doing appearances or being in videos or doing interviews anymore. i like to be behind the scenes for now. cheerio!

The album will be released on Friday 30th of March and will feature her recent collaboration with David Guetta.

Sia – Best Of Track listing

1. Clap Your Hands

2. The Girl You Lost To Cocaine

3. Destiny (Zero 7 feat. Sia)

4. Buttons

5. Day Too Soon

6. Numb

7. Where I Belong

8. Breathe Me

9. Sweet Potato

10. Bring Night

11. My Love

12. Titanium (David Guetta feat. Sia)

13. You’ve Changed

14. I Go To Sleep

15. The Fight

16. Soon We’ll Be Found

17. Taken For Granted

18. Buttons (CSS Mix)

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