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Soundgarden talk new album

Written by Michael Carr on December 5, 2010

In an interview with a Canadian radio station, Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayill has revealed that following on from their their first shows in thirteen years a few months back, as well as their headline performance at Lollapolooza the band are considering the prospect of working on a new studio album.

“It’s very likely in the future,” he said, “perhaps sooner than later, we’ll get together and de-emphasize the rehearsing part and emphasize the jamming part.”

Going on to point out that the members still have side projects to handle before they can get around to working on any material, Thayill implied that while we may have to wait, we will be rewarded for our patience. In the meantime, the band still plan to play more live shows as well as release a collection of b-sides and a live album.

Stay tuned for more details.

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