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The Meaning Behind ‘Singularity’ Revealed

Written by Mike Hohnen on February 20, 2013

The cats from UNFD have once and for all revealed the mystery of Singularity. Well, to be more accurate, Northlane revealed the mystery by announcing it as the name of their highly anticipated sophomore album, of course titled…Singularity.

The band have announced the album will hit shelves – both physically and digitally – Friday, 22nd March, and have lined up a brand new single to drop the same day.

All sorts of ideas were being thrown around, when a website popped up displaying just a count down. It now appears that the jib is up, but had we been paying attention, we could have saved ourselves a lot of head-scratching.

The Music Network had detailed a sinister plan that has been hatching right before our very eyes. The first clue came in the from of a magazine advertisement for Singularity not unlike the one seen in the most recent Blunt magazine, which had a binary code that translated to “Northlane, Quantum Flux, February 22”.

There was also the binary code found on the back of the B-sides release Worldeater 7″ that the band recently dropped, which translated to the same thing.

On top of that, the website also revealed more details, including track names, but it all went under the radar.

Well played, Northlane…Well played indeed.

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