Alt-J Tease Third Album With Cryptic Clip Of New Song

UPDATE 06/03/17: Alt-J have released their new single ‘3WW’, which features on an upcoming album called RELAXER.

ORIGINAL STORY: It looks like British band Alt-J are about to re-emerge as they’ve shared a minute long clip of what seems to be new music.

The clip titled 00110011 01110111 01110111 has no vocals in it but it’s still got a distinctly Alt-J sound to it.

The band haven’t shared any more news although they did update their socials with dizzying profile pictures suggesting they’re about to enter their next phase.

Once the clip had emerged fans started digging and uncovered a Japanese iTunes listing (via ATRL) that revealed the album is called Relaxer and is eight songs long.

As Consequence Of Sound point out, the string of numbers accompanying the clip translate to ‘3WW’ in binary code which just so happens to be the first track on the album.

While the listing has since been taken down, it’s reportedly due to be released on 9th June meaning we’ve still got a little while to wait.

It will be their first record since 2014’s This Is All Yours. Check out the alleged tracklisting for Relaxer below.

Watch: Alt-J – ‘00110011 01110111 01110111’

Alt-J – ‘Relaxer’ Tracklisting

1. 3WW

2. In Cold Blood

3. House of the Rising Sun

4. Hit Me Like That Snare

5. Deadcrush

6. Adeline

7. Last Year

8. Pleader

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