Image for US Band The Offspring Troll Australian ‘Offspring’ Fans Via Twitter

US Band The Offspring Troll Australian ‘Offspring’ Fans Via Twitter

Written by Sarah Bella on August 8, 2013

Never ones to miss a chance to be part of a good joke, American punk rockers The Offspring have jumped into the Twitter storm taking place following the death of a much loved character on the Aussie television drama Offspring.

Devastated fans took to social media to express their grief after screenwriters killed off character Patrick Reid, using the hashtag #Offspring and even tweeting @Offspring instead of @OffspringTVshow, which naturally directs to the Pretty Fly For A White Guy band.

Lead guitarist Noodles decided to reply to some of the tweets mistakenly sent his way, answering questions like “Just tell me who dies already” with such wisdom as “Everybody dies. That’s just the way the world works.” Bless their cotton practical joking socks.

The Offspring, who are currently touring Canada, will be heading Down Under to headline the Aussie return of the Warped Tour, which kicks off in Brisbane on Friday, 29th November before making its way around the country.

(via triplej)

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