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Watch: The Cribs ‘Come On, Be A No-One’ New Video

Written by Brayden Darke on March 22, 2012

Today The Cribs have released a video for their new single named Come On, Be A No-One. The track will appear on their upcoming new album The Belly of the Brazen Bull, scheduled for release May 7.

It has been almost three years since The Cribs put out their last record Ignore the Ignorant. In April 2011, the legendary Johnny Marr left the group to work on solo material.

Come On, Be A No-One was produced by Steve Albini; you can listen to it below.

In the Belly of the Brazen Bull Tracklisting

01. Glitters Like Gold

02. Come On Be A No-One

03. Jaded Youth

04. Anna

05. Confident Men

06. Uptight

07. Chi-Town

08. Pure O

09. Back To The Bolthole

10. I Should Have Helped

11. Stalagmites

12. Like A Gift Giver

13. Butterflies

14. Arena Rock Encore With Full Cast

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