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Wayne Coyne Kicked Off Instagram Again, But Not For Long…Again

Written by Mike Hohnen on November 15, 2013

Wayne Coyne was well aware of Instagram‘s rule and guidelines when he started a new account earlier in the year, having just been kicked off for posting inappropriate material, which is why The Flaming Lips frontman isn’t too surprised that he’s been kicked off yet again.

However, determined to not be silenced, Coyne has already started up a new account on the image sharing service, posting under the handle >waynewontpostpicsofnakedwomen. Now, instead of posting full-frontal nudity, Coyne posts full-frontal nudity tastefully gingered down with WC-brand emoticons which helpfully show us exactly where not too look. You’ve jumped the shark, Coyne.

The controversial artist has promised that he’ll “try to play by the rules” and so far has managed to keep his posts above the line, which is why his new account is so damn boring. We can only hope that Coyne comes to his senses once more.

Speaking to Stereogum, Coyne explained how he ended up getting banned from the uber popular social media.

“I am OK with that. I understand Instagram has its rules, and I didn’t ever read them, but I knew that they had taken down things that I’d posted before. I forget, because I’m bouncing sometimes in between Twitter and Instagram, I forget.”

Despite an internationally backed campaign to reinstate Coyne’s original account, Instagram were hell bent on being wet blankets and pulled the profile down.

(Via Stereogum)

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