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Wham! To Reform For 30 Year Celebration?

Written by Mike Hohnen on June 20, 2012

Given all the current hype surrounding the reformation of groups from the 70s, 80s and 90s, it was only a matter of time before we saw this headline. But according to UK Tabloid The Mirror, Wham! will be picking up the mics again to celebrate 30 years since they released their first single, Wham Rap. That’s right, they had other songs!

Now, UK tabloids are about as reliable for news as a drunken homeless person is, but given the proximity to the release date of George Michael’s newest music, it’s looking like more than just a pipe dream for many baby boomers. As a source to The Mirror has it, Michael and Andrew Ridgeley (previously known as ‘the other dude from Wham’) have confirmed the reunion. The unnamed source (red flag much) has stated: “George and Andrew have often said their Club Tropicana days are well behind them. But seeing as their anniversary coincides with George releasing new material, it’s one of those ‘now or never’ moments. They probably won’t do a long tour or release new material like Take That, but they do want to commemorate the event with a big gig…and an even bigger party afterwards! Things are still in the early stages, but everybody is getting really excited about it.”

Well, the last time we got excited after reading The Mirror, it turned out to be all rubbish, but if we take them at their word, then this is probably the greatest pre-90’s comeback we’ve seen yet. You have to be a cold, cold person to not enjoy the Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go hitmakers, who attempted a return to the stage in 2006 but failed horribly after Ridgeley backed down, stating he was far too nervous to get back on stage.

George Michael has acknowledged the milestone, choosing to release his new single White Light close to the anniversary, though nothing from the horses mouth yet on the reunion tour. For all those born in the noughties, the impact of this news may be lost on you, but I have a bit of a crash course on what WHAM! really is…Go!

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