A Day To Remember

“What Separates Me From You”
May 9, 2011

Opens with a heavy downtuned track complete with screamo vocals and as a first taste of ADTR I thought this was going to be awful. However two tracks in and my opinion changed. The pop punk goodness of It’s Complicated with it’s sweet hook and New Found Glory style melodic punk caught me off guard. My opinion changed and I could appreciate the mix of the two genres that created a good, innocent punk record that caters to lovelorn teenage boys and angry young men on the booze.

2nd Sucks opens with a perfect circle pit inducing staccato beat that screams festival chaos. All I Want is a great singalong track with gang vocals and anthem feel. Better Off Without You and All Signs Point to Lauderdale are great punchy punk numbers. Tried and true tested themes of relationships weigh heavy on this album but it’s the musical mix that keeps this interesting compared to other bands. Utilizing the talents in the band to create a perfect mix of pop punk/punk rock/emo and screamo. The songs are equally brutal as they are catchy. Other stand-out tracks are the emotional desperation in Out Of Time and The House That Doubt Built.

A Day To Remember’s  4th album is a solid effort that offers enough variety to please any of punk’s sub cultures. About to hit our shore, this is a good time to get on board with .