Bob Corbett – Storyboard

Now Bob Corbett is hardly your run of the mill acoustic artist. His performances are a quirky mix of Battles, Dylan and John Butler, and he has a smile that could send a pious man blind. He’s just lovely, in a take him home and put him on your shelf way, and that’s exactly what you should do with his album. 

Track 2, One Song and especially track 6, Just Leave Me exhibit Bob’s impeccable use of loop pedals and vocal skill. He weaves intricate vocal landscapes over his at times poppy and others dirty acoustic guitar.

 Storyboard wanders between styles like a curious child, chewing on a slice of reggae/roots here before leaving it’s crayon carvings over some blues-rock or airy acoustic pop. It even leaves a bit of a funky yellow surprise in a hidden corner. 

Bob is a masterful songwriter, with simple yet transporting lyrics and melodies. His riffs stick in your head like lice, and you’ll be singing, “you say you don’t want me, why don’t you just leave me?” to yourself for days. 

With this new release being launched early October – He will go on to play a residency at Bar Me – commencing on the 16th of September, as well as performing regularly with the Secluded Records boys in the coming months, so you have no excuse not to check him out. 

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