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CJ Shaw
Impatient Generation

Written by Daniel Morrison

Last week we ran a review of a CD which we said was CJ Shaw’s Album Impatient Generation (well, actually we forgot to mention the name altogether).  It wasn’t Impatient Generation at all, we fucked it up, and we feel like a bunch of amateur chumps.  So sorry CJ mate, beers are on us next time.

The real Impatient Generation is some of the finest folk you’ll ever have the pleasure of hearing.  It shines in its simplicity – the country soul and blues stylings, make it perfect fire-side-by-a-gum-tree-under-the-stars fare.  It’s the sort of thing that makes you want to get on your push bike and ride around country NSW, rewarding whoever is kind enough to give you a bed for the night with a performance of this fine album.

Layered harmonies are balanced by a stripped back production that doesn’t bother with pretentious nonsense, it’s good and honest and comfortable in it’s own skin.  Each song is a little bundle of joy, but it’s hard to go past Pink Stich as a winning track.  But then Rolling Stone comes on and you fall in love all over again.

Then you realise there’s no point trying to pick a favourite, to pick it apart is to neglect the beauty of the whole.  It’ll go unappreciated by the masses because it’s not signed to a major label or backed by a marketing campaign, but that’s the nation’s loss.  CJ will be happy enough just to keep strumming, and we salute him for it.

A Humbly Apologetic Editor.

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