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CJ Shaw

  • Cj Shaw: Bike Tour ‘08 Part 4

    Cj Shaw: Bike Tour ‘08 Part 4

    Join C.J for his ramshackle journey across NSW with nothing more than his bike, his guitar and his missus by his side. We watched Angus and Julia Stone video clips in the morning in our suite at the Astor Hotel in Goulburn, found out too that Angus is just a boy, albeit one with a

  • Cj Shaw: Bike Tour ‘08 Part 3

    Cj Shaw: Bike Tour ‘08 Part 3

    The country’s most recognizable bugle tune blew through the frigid morning air of Taralga, like a shot of electricity through crystal. The poignant melody bounced around the mountains, floating with the breeze through the leaves of the freezing trees down to the tent housing my missus and me. We opened eyes wearily to see that

  • CJ Shaw – Impatient Generation
    Album Reviews

    CJ Shaw – Impatient Generation

    Last week we ran a review of a CD which we said was CJ Shaw’s Album Impatient Generation (well, actually we forgot to mention the name altogether).  It wasn’t Impatient Generation at all, we fucked it up, and we feel like a bunch of amateur chumps.  So sorry CJ mate, beers are on us next

  • Cj Shaw: Bike Tour ’08 Part 1

    Cj Shaw: Bike Tour ’08 Part 1

    The idea was simple enough. Chock-a-block full of Bound For Glory I strapped my guitar to a bike trailer, attached the trailer to me trusty treadly and headed south to Melbourne for a rural tour of this fair country. And why? To play shows in the far reaches of mountainous NSW and Victoria, to give

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