Dead Beat Band – To Neverland EP

March 15, 2010

The members of Queensland’s Dead Beat Band have crafted an authentic new EP, To Neverland, for release this month. Bad to the bone, this EP delivers five solid tracks, ‘Sugar’, ‘Pony’, ‘Head Spins’, ‘Again’ and ‘Gypsy Girl’.

‘Sugar’ is a fun, jumpy garage track with the ache of 60’s surfer music. A little repetitive, but that seems to be the addictive quality of greats like The Beatles, which are definitely bleeding out of this track and the surf inspired decade they beckoned from. ‘Head Spins’ commences with a slippery psychedelic guitar mix like old Jimi Hendrix would have fondled, then clicks into a hand-clapping, foot-tripping hit. This is by far my favourite track off this EP.

Last on the disc, is ‘Gypsy Girl’, which is a little more hard-hitting than the rest and evidently more of a transition than a song, as it only lasts for a minute and a half.

Overall, there is nothing spectacular about this EP, but there is definite talent and it is easy to listen to. I would like to see them live, before I decide further if this 100% my cup of tea. However, if you like a fusion of old school classics in your modern day rock, then To Neverland is right up your alley.