Gypsy Road, a Melbourne-based group, released their new single, ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’, on Friday, 26th April. 
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Gypsy Road Release New Single ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’

Melbourne based group Gypsy Road released their new single, ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’, on Friday, 26th April. The track is a part of the album that they are going to release later on Friday, 24th May. 

The band Gypsy Road was formed back in 2017 have a descriptive catalog of music recordings that show their growth, from how they started recording at drummer James Dagiandas’ garage to how they have played sold-out shows throughout Victoria. One can figure out how the band has evolved through their recent EP which is of 4 minutes and 26 seconds and which portrays nothing but the true emotion of the band. 

” Letters To A Friend, From Interstate” – Gypsy Road

“This song of Gypsy Road is about wanting to see your ex after a breakup but knowing that distancing yourself is the only proper way to heal and grow. It’s an ode to moving on and starting a new chapter of life. Incorporating screams in this song was a first and we feel that this helps add a layer of intensity to the song. We’ve been experimenting with new sounds and trying to push our boundaries on the heavier side.” says Alex Centofanti about the track. 

The song ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’ is a track that is quite moody and is filled with emotions and portrays the longing for a new chapter in life. The mesmerizing guitar tunes and the heavy sounds of the drum blend and give rise to this track. It is a heavier track as compared with the previous tracks made by the band. The band uses the sounds of the instruments to create a journey that flows through this song, taking the listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride. 

You can listen to the new single ” Letters To A Friend, From Interstate” here.

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