The Delta Riggs

‘Active Galactic’
August 25, 2016

Guys, if you ever listen to my advice, let it be now. Set aside some time, gather your crew, pop a bottle, blaze up and spend the night with The Delta Riggs and their newly released LP Active Galactic. Because it. is. BADASS.

The funky trip of a track Surgery Of Love has turned out to be a mere teaser for a 13-track record bursting with the Aussie boys’ garage-band brand of dirty disco pop rock that melds the sounds of The Clash, the Gorillaz and N*E*R*D, all the while managing to stay vaguely current.

Opening strong with the aforementioned Surgery Of Love and Never Seen This Before, The Delta Riggs deliver a sexy one, two punch before kicking back with the more cruisey sounds of Slingin On A Saturday Night and Get Right.

Tracks Stay While You Run Away, Kids Are Alright and Baddest Motherfucker In The Beehive are decidedly less edgy, but will no doubt be the biggest hits from the Matt Healy lovers on the festival circuit. Losing All Our Love, the final song and Active Galactic’s only acoustic offering, rounds out the record beautifully.

Tying all this together is the ridiculous vocal performance by Elliott Hammond, his laid back, screechy drawl reminiscent of the ’70s (and everything I want in a man tbh). Active Galactic boasts not only his best solo performance, but the band’s best work to date.

If Mick Jagger, Prince and Gwen Stefani were cruising in a Cadillac on their way to Studio 54, Active Galactic is what they’d listen to. Active Galactic is like meeting that baben new fuckboy, the one you can’t wait to ruin your life.

It’s dirty, flirty and really fucking good. I’m done boys. Take me with you to the mother ship.

The Delta Riggs’ Active Galactic is out tomorrow, Friday 26th August. The Riggs will then head out on the road with a tour kicking off this September.