Emma Davis

Emma Davis
January 12, 2011

Female singer/songwriters are a dime a dozen in this country. Which is probably a testament to the talent of musician-ship in Australia then a criticism with the flood of artists making records these days. I suppose, if they were all shit, it would be a different story. However, Emma Davis highlights how lucky we are at the moment with great music. The Sydney musician has created a beautiful little debut album that has a similar sound to contemporaries Sarah Blasko and Missy Higgins.

Working with Brian Campeau (who has worked with the likes of Angus & Julia Stone and Cuthbert and The Nightwalkers) this album has been a labour of love and Emma’s self confession “perfectionist” has meant that this album has been crafted and worked on to ensure only the best of her material made the final cut and its safe to say that all the tracks are little pockets of gems.

This personal record of stories and conversations is a light and easy listen. Her brand of sweet, inoffensive folk pop make it hard to dislike this album. Her dreamlike voice and simple instrumentation allow the songs to breathe and take a life of its own and allows the listener to take their own interpretation of the lyrics. Stand out tracks are Machines, the tounge-in-cheekish Feel A Thing and Fisherman.

The innocent nature of her music will surely see her win many fans over, the more people who pick up this record and see her play live. And I’m pretty sure she’s poured many a beer for me around in the inner west too!!!