King Farook

4 Piece Feed
12 August 2008

Rolling through in all their blue-blooded glory, King Farook, having just finished off their massive national tour, are here with their hip-hop, rock and funk filled EP, 4-Piece Feed.

4PF is an interesting melange of genre’s with tracks like The Morning moving form Michael Jackson-esque reveries to visceral hip-hop grooves laced with pounding guitar and bass. Lick Sip Suck begins with sensual vocals before launching into some old-school rock meets hard line hip-hop jump off, with a groove funkier than canary yellow bellbottoms.

The album never bores you, moving between catchy riffs, soft and sensual interludes and tight as rhyming from their rapping drummer Schiff. The whole sound of the album is very Parliament Funkadelic punctuated with a very Ausie hip-hop and 90s grunge flavour that gives it the variety it needs.

They recently played five nights in a row at The Sandringham Hotel in Newtown as a finale to their national tour, taking the chance to support a local venue and local artists (each night had a new support act). The shows were mind blowing, as his highness were unleashed in the tiny upstairs room of the Sando. If you’ve ever made a point of supporting independent music buy this CD.

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