King Farook

  • King Farook

    King Farook

    “I think it’s a bit of a junkie mentality in a way. You’re constantly chasing a high.”

  • The Bakery: Rising to the Top

    The Bakery: Rising to the Top

    Rising with goodness and fibre, and delivering healthy funk-fuelled music bread is The Bakery, a collective of creative sorts who have donned their aprons and rolled up a brand of tasty doughy funk. But shitty puns about food and bread aside,

  • King Farook – 4 Piece Feed
    Album Reviews

    King Farook – 4 Piece Feed

    Rolling through in all their blue-blooded glory, King Farook, having just finished off their massive national tour, are here with their hip-hop, rock and funk filled EP, 4-Piece Feed. 4PF is an interesting melange of genre’s with tracks like The Morning moving form Michael Jackson-esque reveries to visceral hip-hop grooves laced with pounding guitar and

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