Melanie Horsnell – Complicated Sweetheart

Melanie is an independent local Sydney artist who comes across as dreamy and imaginative, reflected by her soulful melodies. The new album “Complicated Sweetheart” is no exception. Listen to it conjures images of Melanie strumming on her guitar, in the rain on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Melanie’s new album is like a breath of fresh air, a flash of colour amongst the black, and shades of grey that blur together in the urban streets of Sydney.

Melanie’s voice is soft and whispery yet her lyrics are strong and full of real feeling. In spite of the tender heartfelt songs about love both lost and found, there is a genuine appreciation for life and a “wistful hope” that leaves a sense of happiness and the knowledge that after the rain, the sun will come out and the clouds will blow away.

The up-tempo melodies leave the listener tapping their feet and singing along.

In spite of being a local girl, Melanie has an impressive CV and has been performing for more than 10 years. In that time Melanie has traveled Europe from “Amsterdam to Edinburgh” where she was widely acclaimed. Her previous album “The Adventures of..” became a feature album on National radio in France. Locally she has supported the likes of The Frames, Josh Pyke and Lou Rhodes (Lamb)

Melanie toured in August 2008 with the highly acclaimed artist Jason Mraz, who said, “she’s got great lyrics and a soulful artsy voice”

Melanie has happily been accused of assisting in the “Nufolk” movement with the likes of Paul Greene, Andy Clockwise and Time Ireland and participating in “Sydney’s acoustic renaissance.”

Melanie’s recently released single “Mary, Mary” which is featured on the new album and has definitely kept her reputation for “tender heartfelt, simply beautiful songs” alive.

Melanie’s new album “Complicated Sweetheart” was released on September 8th and is in stores and through itunes.

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