Mystery Jets

30 April 2012

Like many before them, British indie-rockers Mystery Jets travelled to the land of stars and stripes in an attempt to record an intelligent and mature sounding record.

A far-cry from the synth-pop formula of 2010’s Serotonin, the group’s fourth long-player, Radlands, proudly boasts an American flavour, filled to the brim with sprawling rock tunes straight out of Austin, Texas. As the band said following the departure of bassist Kai Fish last month, this is “a new beginning, a new line-up and a new era” for Mystery Jets.

One quality which the Eel Pie Island quartet seem to have kept, however, is the rather dubious ability to fill their albums with several lackluster and somewhat unconvincing tracks.

A country and blues-inspired record, standout track Someone Purer flaunts more of an indie-anthem feel than the rest of the album and it’s no surprise why its been chosen as the first single.

Sophie-Rose’s vocals in Take Me Where The Roses Grow are a welcome contribution, while the organs, poppy guitar riffs and lazy drum beat in Sister Everett provide another album highlight.

Unfortunately, three or four good songs and a catchy line here and there fails to qualify Radlands as a great album; however, at times interesting and thought-provoking, the latest from Blaine Harrison and co does manage to give fans something a little different to sink their teeth into – and there’s nothing wrong with that!