Review: Twin Peaks – Wild Onion

Twin Peaks might come across as just another group of garage-rocky kids but, in spite of their age, the Chicago four-piece prove they’re so much more with their second album, Wild Onion.

Months prior to its release the boys were bragging of influences including The Rolling Stones, being Beatles-esque, and having Beach Boy vibes. These might have sounded like grand aspirations, perhaps even boots a little too big to fill. It doesn’t take more than a few tracks for the band to prove they were, at least partially, up to the task.

Nothing is overdone or overstated in Wild Onion, and neither do they press too deeply into any one sound or influence. The album dips effortlessly from Beatles and Stones-inspired Britpop, through deeper, rawer American rock.

Of its 16 tracks, Twin Peaks chose the strongest possible opener in I Found a New Way. It combines the pan Atlantic influences into one great track. It’s the tune with the Stonesiest tone, but lead singer Cadien James is also hitting Iggy Pop beats as well.

Darker, quirkier tracks like Strange World and Stranger World are, well, strange, but they make way for brighter, summery tracks like Hold On. Mirror of Time ventures into psychedelic territory and stands out as one of the star tracks.

Each and every song stands confidently on its own, and the track sequencing is masterfully done. Songs run together effortlessly, with darker riffs paired between the louder, funkier sounds.

It’s a record you could easily hit repeat on a few times before you notice. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Twin Peaks, so it’s good news for everyone that their sophomore effort lives up to their promising 2013, Sunken. Expect to hear more and more about these guys in 2015.

‘Wild Onion’ is out now.

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