Rusko – O.M.G.

In 2006, Christopher “Rusko” Mercer stepped into the UK music scene with his first musical production, SNES Dub. Four years on, Rusko is going stronger than ever, securing a residency at London’s Fabric nightclub, a U.S. tour with Major Lazer and the release of his first LP.

Rusko wastes no time with O.M.G.; from the first sound on opening track, ‘Woo Boost’, the album is off to a jumping start. More upbeat and infectious than your run of the mill dubstep sound, O.M.G. explores a wider reach of dubstep’s potential, taking you to the lighter side rather than the deep and heavy sound you might come to expect on an album like this.

That isn’t to say that this album doesn’t give you what you want, with tracks like ‘I Love You’ holding onto a more “traditional” style of dubstep. It’s immediately followed by ‘Kumon Kumon’, a balls to the floor song driven by solid drums under a powerful taste of electro that might leave you thinking Fake Blood was making a sneaky guest appearance.

Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors lends her vocal talents on ‘Hold On’, giving the track an almost trance sound while managing to keep with the feel of the album. From start to finish, O.M.G. Flows through each track seamlessly but stays fresh in sound, never giving you a moment to feel like you’ve heard it all before. This first effort is a solid piece of work that will be igniting dance floors across the globe throughout 2010. If work like this is what we can continue to expect, Rusko is well on his way to becoming a household name in dance/dubstep

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