Simian Mobile Disco

Temporary Pleasure
August 20, 2009

With a host of guest vocalists the English DJ’s bring us their second studio album and attempt to dazzle us, but fail. They certainly do take their album title to a literal sense as I was only temporarily pleasured and I had to wait until the end of the album to get it.

Maybe they’re an acquired taste but it all felt a bit Euro dance for my liking. This would probably have to do with the singing style. I’d probably love it a lot more if it were purely instrumentals eg. 1000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong and Ambulance. In the end, the only two songs that I really liked reminded me of Hot Chip and Basement Jaxx. They should really take a lead from Basement Jaxx and get some quality guest vocalists in, ones that don’t sound like cheesy 80’s rejects.

A few highlights and low lights of the album.

Synthesise: I started getting a bit excited with tribal beat, which reminded me of some psy-trance bush doofs i’ve been to BUT then these wailing, squealing vocals kicked in and my face grimaced in horror.

Cruel Intentions: featuring the most well known out of all the guest artists Beth Ditto was sub par to say the least.

1000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong: saves itself with it’s great progression and it’s lack of vocals and it’s also a great break from the the cheese-tastic first few tracks.

BadBlood: Finally a song I like. Awesome beat with an interesting voice singing without the ridiculous lyrics. I then proceeded to check who sung it, it was none other than Alexis Taylor. The lead singer for Hot Chip, ahhh that explains it. I wish Alexis had just sung the whole album for them.

Turn Up The Dial: A solid Hip Hop/Electro tune. Almost has some Basement Jaxx qualities about it.

Cream Dream: Very 80’s and that almost falsetto voice which whines throughout like a horrible Galvatrons track that makes my brain hurt.

Having worked with such artists as Arctic Monkeys, Peaches & Klaxons, I was expecting much, much more.

As my Dad would say, “Simian Mobile Disco, I’m so disappointed in you.”