Space Invadas

March 8, 2010

Australian hip hop scenester Katalyst has collaborated with UK electro veteran Steve Spacek under the moniker Space Invadas to create the intergalactic rhythm and blues supernova that is Soul-Fi.

Contrary to their promotional image and Katalyst’s Australian reputation, this is not a hip-hop record. Soul-Fi is exactly that; soulful sonic fidelity with a jazz/funk groove and killer rhymes, but with a refreshing indie-mod feel. It’s everything that RnB should be – sweet and soulful, hard at times, savvy and stylish.

Steve Spacek’s delicately powerful vocals are evocative of soul greats Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, but with a cutting edge modernity and pop sensibilities akin to Pharell Williams. Adding to Katalyst’s beats, Space Invadas draw on hip-hop heavyweights RuCL and Buff1 as well as Aus-pop delight Jade Mcrae to add extra hulk to impending hits ‘Original’ and ‘Life’.

Blending old school soul with futuristic techno beats, samples, rhymes and themes, the Sydney based Space Invadas have produced a conceptually intriguing, world class record. If you’re a fan of Mark Ronson, Snob Scrilla, N.E.R.D, any soul classics or new school funk (i.e. The Transatlantics), you’ll dig the gracefully edgy and downright cool vibes of SOUL-FI.