The Charles Manson Experiment – Blood, Love and Rhetoric

CD reviews can be misleading. I hate it when you read a CD review that is so descriptive and arresting that it inspires you to go out and buy the CD, only to discover that the music is not nearly as impressive as the words in the review made it sound.

Expectation ruins music. With that said, let us try to be as brief, accurate and succinct as possible.

What will you get out of The Charles Manson Experiment EP, Blood, Love and Rhetoric?

Solid-sounding sombre rock, chilling lyrics and powerful CD production. The 4-piece outfit generously offer seven tracks on this EP. The pace of Blood, Love and Rhetoric remains steadfast for the most part with a healthy dynamic of fast and slow tempo tracks, soft sections and loud sections, and a varied male/female lead vocal arrangement.

The track that stands out immediately is Unmanned Canyon – it’s the poppiest song you’ll hear on the CD. Other tracks like The Creep Crawler and Good Cop Bad Karma demonstrate that The Charles Manson Experiment aren’t satisfied with their sound remaining static, as they leap from melancholic to robust to robustly melancholic. They are a predominantly a gritty band. They like their rock, and they like to wail. If you’re into rock, you’ll like this band. If you’re into grunge, you’ll like this band.

The EP Blood, Love and Rhetoric by The Charles Manson Experiment is worth your money if you like this kind of music. No bullshit.

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