The Creepshow

They All Fall Down
November 15, 2010

The Creepshow’s 3rd record is a snappy piece of psychobilly with heavy 50s influence and a punk rock flair that have seen this band tour with likes of Tiger Army and Anti Flag and play festivals such as Warped and the 2010 Soundwave Festival.

What makes this album stand out is new lead vocalist Sarah ‘Sin’ Blackwood’s sultry, spitfire voice. Her vocal comes across like a pin up girl with attitude and is a suitable replacement for older sister Jen, (who left to have a baby). The sound is typical of the psychobilly sound (for the uninitiated psychobilly is a mix of rockabilly and horror themed punk) slapped double bass and swaggering guitars.

Opening with spoken word piece The Sermon III, before launching into the psychobilly pace of Get What’s Coming. This time round the band have moved away from the horror movie theme lyrics with the track like Hellhound being a touring. Sleep Tight is a 50s style doo-wop diner track about being killed by a lover and coming back to haunt them and final track Road To Nowhere is complete with AFI style gang backing vocal woahs’.

This is certainly an impressive record from the Canadian band, proving once again that 2010 is the year of Canadian punk. The tracks are catchy and full of groove and will have you humming along in no time.