Yves Klein Blue – Draw Attention to Themselves

World famous in Brisbane, barnstorming young quartet Yves Klein Blue re-release their EP with some renewed sounds, skills, scenery and so on. Having named the band after a colour of paint devised by French artist Klein, on a different scale this is also some work of art, drawn up with shards of alternative rock by front man Michael Tomlinson.

It’s a minimum double headed victory for the kids. Silence is Distance simply bites the bullet to deliver a spray of alterna-rock, and Polka re-moulds said bullet into a toy with similar pounding results. Both ripe for airplay, they also help shore up the EP’s earlier, less immediate moments. Opening track Blasphemy is blessed by some delicious bass lines, though things dip a little at Not What I Want, labouring under the repetition formula and Tomlinson’s exasperated tones until the welcome sound of multiple brass instruments storms in.

The EP exhales some tempo through light jazz piano and brushed drums on middle track titled 19 before it also gets the laddish hormoaning treatment, prior to those aforementioned bomb tracks. At disc end is 19’s distant cousin, the tinkering instrumental called (a bookend) which lives up to its name precisely.

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