Anthony Lister

Anthony Lister is a man of brevity and of targeted bitterness. His work arouses a sense of desolation, even if viewed in the middle of a city. Using pop culture motifs and street art techniques, Lister leaves an acrid taste in the mind, a spur to discovery of the source of sourness. Also he once assaulted a cop. Resident philistine Mikey Carr speaks to Lister for serving suggestions.

Mikey Carr: Considering my ignorance, could you explain to me what I might see at a Lister show?

Anthony Lister: A bunch of 2d and 3d objects that have been repeatedly violated into completion.

MC: How does that set you apart from other artists?

AL: That’s not up to me to decide.

MC: Is there anything people should look into to better appreciate your work?

AL: Hopefully not. I make work that I feel speaks for itself both conceptually and aesthetically.

MC: How would you recommend someone view your work?

AL: Either drunk or upside down. Possibly viewed best with one eye closed.

MC: What would you hope people take away from one of your shows?

AL: That all depends on who that person is and how well they understand anything. For example- if you are stupid I hope you walk away feeling less stupid. If you are smart- I hope you walk away feeling stupid.

MC: You like to be somewhat unconventional with your work and how you display it, like with No Win Sitch, are there any ideas for future exhibitions you can let us in on?

AL: I am working toward a show where I burn a city to ashes under the supervision of the authorities. A lot of people call this a big budget film, I want to call it art.

MC: What would you like to see more of in Sydney’s art scene?

AL: Fire.

MC: Do you feel at a disadvantage as an artist working in Australia?

AL: I did in the past that’s why I moved to New York. Now I feel like an artist that travels the world and works in all cities. I am mostly disadvantaged by the inability to fly or teleport.

MC: From what has prompted the return to OZ?

AL: It was time.

MC: What should we keep an eye out for from you in the future?

AL: on a constant.

There you have it.

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