Game Of Thrones Season 3 Officially On Its Way

Awesome, awesome, awesome news for all you Game Of Throners out there. After spending the last few months with some of the most heinous withdrawal symptoms from Season 2, TMZ has reported that production is well on its way for Season 3.

Even though the season won’t air until around mid – 2013, I’d probably say its a good time to get geed up. We will finally get to see what that zombie army was all about, and the fate of Dani’s Dragons. What is going to happen to that little shit of a king? (Well, you could read the books, I suppose) but those questions are a little less weighing now that we know that the answers are pending.

TMZ are all over this one, snapping footage of the cast, crew and locations in Croatia where a lot of the filming is taking place. We can be sure that season 3 will contain the kind of graphic violence and abundance of nudity that you expect from a $6 million an ep series. Oh, and probably even more inter-family relations, which will probably still be kinda awkward to watch, but I mean c’mon, if Jamie Lannister was your brother, how could you refuse? That smile!

Check out TMZ’s video. They seem pretty excited, but surely not as much as Australians who still hold the crown for most episodes illegally downloaded per person. Carn ‘stralya!

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