PS5 Seinfeld Horror Game ‘Sinfeld Remastered’ Drops Trailer & What Did We Just Watch

That Seinfeld horror game originally created in Dreams on PS4 is back for PS5 and it’s creepier than ever. Now called Sinfeld Remastered, the game has evolved and it is weird.

The trailer has dropped and the game’s still based in the Seinfeld world. Donathan — who is Jerry’s nephew, according to game creators — kicks the trailer off on the streets of New York.

He dons a jumper from George’s very much made up charity, The Human Fund before creepily turning towards us and saying, “Kept you waiting, huh?”

The trailer flashes snippets of a boss fight in Jerry’s apartment, a Spider Man kiss in an alley, some kind of altercation in Monk’s Cafe, and the Grim Reaper makes an appearance for some reason.

There’s a lot going on. Watch the Sinfeld trailer in full down below.

On their Patreon page, game creators wrote, “When little Donathan goes to visit his Uncle Jerry and pees his bed, he is thrust into an adventure of a lifetime.

“We’re remastering Sinfeld from Dreams using Unreal Engine 4. Donathon’s journey into the Sinfeld universe is an actual nightmare… Serenity now!”

They also point to Resident Evil, Silent Hills, and PT as inspirations behind the comedy horror game.

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