Instagram Changes Detrimental To Users Privacy

Despite taking a very hands-off approach with their social network baby, Facebook‘s soon-to-be-implemented amendments to Instagram are sure to leave a bad taste in many whose accounts are not set to private.

To kick in over the coming days, Instagram will be launching an official website service for users. Up until now, those with profiles would have to access their account either via a mobile device or the very limited Webstagram. Now, Instagram will run similar to Facebook, and with much the same privacy problems.

What this change means is that anyone, anywhere at anytime can now view your personal photos through the website. Just by browsing through users, people will be able to lurk to their hearts content. This won’t, however, happen to those who set their account to private. This will mean that only those who already follow you, and the ones you approve to follow you will have access to your pics. You will still have an online profile though that shit will be locked down tight.

According to Mashable, the good news is that it’s pretty simple to change your settings. Hit up the app on your phone, shuffle through settings and simply slide your privacy status to ‘private’.

As for your online profile, your URL will look something like this[username]. For an idea of what to expect, check out the image above, that’s how the Music Feeds profile is coming together.

So unless you want the world creeping through your pics, go private.

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