J.K. Rowling Is Conjuring Up Fresh Harry Potter Content To Help Get Us Through Quarantine

Look, if Harry Potter could get through 11 years of living in a cupboard under the stairs and go on to defeat the most dangerous dark wizard of all time, then surely we can get through a few months on the couch watching Netflix.

Nonetheless, in our darkest hour, series author and literary queen J. K. Rowling has appeared like a magestic Patronus to chase away those shitty feelings that we’ll never be happy again (caused, naturally, by Dementors) by conjuring up some fresh Harry Potter content to help us get through lockdown!

As AP reports, the author has launched an online initiative,, which features wizarding quizzes, games and other activities for the enjoyment of muggles and purebloods alike.

To boot, Rowling has teamed up with audio publisher-distributor Audible and library e-book supplier OverDrive to provide free audio and digital editions of the first book in the Potter omnibus, the eternally beloved and iconic Philosopher’s Stone.

“The teachers, parents and carers working to keep children’s lives as normal and happy as possible while we’re all on lockdown deserve a bit of magic,” Rowling said in a statement.

“I hope these initiatives will give children and even adults a happy distraction during their enforced stay-at-home time.”


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