J.K. Rowling Reveals How ‘Spinal Tap’ Legitimately Influenced A Huge ‘Harry Potter’ Plot Point

Get ready to crank it to 9 and three quarters because Harry Potter mastermind, wealthiest author in the universe and prolific kween of Twitter J.K. Rowling has just pulled an intriguing nugget of information out of her Chamber Of Secrets, revealing that a major plot point from her blockbuster wizarding narrative was inspired by This Is Spinal Tap.

As bizarre as that prospect may sound, once you learn the link between the two fictitious universes of the Boy Wizard and the greatest spoof metal band of all time, their connection becomes as obvious as Hagrid standing in a kindergarten bus line.

Rowling has responded to a tweet from English quiz show QI, confirming that the curse afflicting the position of Hogwarts’ Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher (which saw the school of witchcraft and wizardry churn through a different staff member every year during the Chosen One’s tutelage), was inspired by Spinal Tap’s drummers regularly dying in bizarre circumstances.

“Sad but true,” Rowling confessed in an explosive Twitter revelation today that’s hit Potterheads harder than a blow from the whomping willow.


In other great news for Spinal Tap fans, Aussie rock veterans You Am I will be traversing the country performing the spoof band’s greatest hits later this month.

While Harry Potter fans can rejoice in the fact that the new trailer for the Fantastic Beasts sequel The Crimes Of Grindelwald has just dropped and it. looks. EPIC.

Enjoy below.

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