Photo: Andy Cotterill

DMA’S Announce Worldwide Live-Streamed Show To Be Filmed In Sydney

DMA’S have tonight announced a live-streamed show that will be filmed in Sydney, available to stream throughout the world.

In a post to social media, the band invited fans to sign up for the chance to access tickets first as well as the opportunity to cop limited edition merch.

“We’ll be performing a special live online show for you, wherever you are in the World, from Sydney to London to New York,” the band wrote in a statement.

They also revealed they’ll be giving a selection of tracks their live debut at the forthcoming show.

“We wanted to bring everyone together to say a big thank you for supporting us for nearly 10 years, and to celebrate we’ll be playing some songs we’ve never performed live before!”

While the band themselves have given limited information about the gig itself, once you’ve signed up for ticket access, it’s revealed that the concert will be on Saturday, 29th May.

Those who sign up will be notified of how to access the tickets and merch by Tuesday, 5th April.

However, if you miss out on tickets to the live-streamed show, the band are set to play an actual tour throughout September and October of this year.

View the band’s statement below, and sign up for access here.

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