‘The Feed’ Returns With Lee Lin Chin’s “Hollywood Minute”

SBS 2 have announced the return of their news/culture/technology program, The Feed, which will now feature a special new celebrity gossip segment, hosted by one of the network’s most respected and beloved newsreaders, Lee Lin Chin, titled, of course, Celebrity Chin Wag with Lee Lin Chin.

“SBS 2 is a new channel, it’s building its audience and what’s the best way to reign in new viewers? It’s celebrity gossip. And who would know more about celebrity gossip than a seasoned broadcaster such as Lee Lin Chin, she’s the obvious choice,” executive producer Nick Hayden told Mumbrella.

“Lee Lin Chin’s insight into the world of celebrity has, until now, been untapped and I think she will astound people with her awesome celebrity knowledge, she’s going to put Perez Hilton and Richard Wilkins to shame,” Hayden said of the “respected journalist with 20 years experience.”

Though she may just be fulfilling a “contractual obligation,” Hayden said “she’s a big fan of The Feed and she watches it all the time, she said she loves that the show has lots of asymmetrical haircuts and it just needed some asymmetrical outfits and that’s what she thought she’d bring to the show.”

The Feed will make its return to air on Monday, 10th February, with Lee Lin Chin’s rare though very skilled foray into comedy set to be included every week. “Lee Lin has a fantastic sense of humour. She really loves being deadpan, very dry sense of humour,” said Hayden of Chin’s comedy chops.

Readers can check out a special preview of Celebrity Chin Wag with Lee Lin Chin below, in which SBS’ weekend newsreader dissects Kristen Stewart‘s new red carpet hairdo (or is it a hair-don’t?) and Katy Perry‘s claims that “praying to God has given her larger than average breasts.”

Watch: The Feed’s Celebrity Chin Wag with Lee Lin Chin Preview

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