Watch: First ‘Kick-Ass 2’ Trailer – It Looks Super Awesome

The first official trailer for the follow-up of the 2010 underdog masterpiece Kick-Ass has now been revealed, exposing a sequel that looks just as good, if not way better than the original.

The film sees the return of the same characters, including that McLovin dude, which makes it way easier to buy into. But this time round Jim Carrey joins the ranks as Colonel Stars And Stripes, a war-hardened bro who looks absolutely crazy. Ken Jeong also makes an appearance in the two-and-a-half minute long trailer, and Turk from Scrubs will also be involved in the mayhem.

The whole thing looks pretty damn epic and is sure to be peppered with climatic battles and plenty of epic lines such as: “There’s no room for punks in suits, only real heroes who…who can really kick-ass”. Oh yeah, and plenty of swearing.

The movie version of the Mark Millar graphic novel will hit cinemas Friday, 19th July.

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