10 Things The Meeting Tree Taught Us About Life

They say the good always die young, and it sure rings true today as the news that The Meeting Tree are calling it quits leaves scores of fans heartbroken and raging against the ephemeral nature of all things. Why God? Why! (N.B. The Meeting Tree aren’t literally dying).

Having just released their third and final EP ‘I Was Born A Baby And I’ll Die A Baby’ yesterday, and announcing their set at Splendour In The Grass this weekend as their last, it’s amazing to think these treasures of irreverent-urban-dance-pop were only with us for a year.

But hey, it’s the quality of the time, not the quantity, which the guys more than proved by touching the hearts (and other parts, maybe?) of countless fans in that short time. Oh yeah and they got themselves an ARIA nomination too.

So as the nation mourns this irrevocable loss, The Meeting Tree boys were kind enough to walk us through 10 things the project taught them about life. Catch all the goodness, below.

Question Everything

From figuring out if someone is an undercover (R U A Cop), to contemplating the nature of Gronks (Some Gronks Are Cops), we learned that everyone and everything is on the table. And the table is made of mirror.

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Sydney Rock Oysters Are The Best In The World

Raph’s been to every continent on the planet so it comes with some authority when he says that Sydney Rock Oysters are the best oysters in the world.

Stop Taking Life So Seriously

The Meeting Tree have been around since May last year and muscled their way onto every festival lineup, into an ARIA nomination and spoke on a panel at the Electronic Music Conference and are now throwing it all away despite every summer festival wanting them on their line up. Maybe you should throw yourself into something then abandon it when you’re in high demand, just to feel the rush of a thousand voices screaming “why?”.

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It’s Time To Stop Pretending Drug Talk Is Taboo

There are four things all humans do: eat, fuck, take drugs and talk shit. Why pretend it doesn’t happen?

It’s Time To Fight Back Against Hatred

All it takes for love to triumph is for evil men to do nothing, but the evil men are doing everything they can at the moment. A body can’t fight without its head. It’s time for the “why me?” right-wing to understand that their hateful words and actions have a direct and dire consequence.

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Breakfast Isn’t Bound By Time

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, not a meal in the morning. Change your life for the better.


It’s Not About How Many Drinks You Had Or How Many Drugs You Took, It’s About how Much Fun You Had

Altering your mind shouldn’t be a competition, unless you’re measuring how much you enjoyed yourself. Being a fuckeyed gronk should never be a badge of honour. Your badge of honour is your contented smile, and the smile on the people’s faces whose lives you touched while rolling.


If You Say It Confidently Enough, People Will Listen

Your message is as much about the words as it is how it’s delivered. Love yourself, back yourself.

Music Is An Integral Part Of Life, But Life Isn’t All Music

Balance is key. Spin those plates, baby.

Nothing Lasts Forever

The Meeting Tree is breaking up to remind you of your own mortality. Make hay while the goddamn sun shines; let your productivity be The Meeting Tree’s legacy.

‘I Was Born A Baby And I’ll Die A Baby’ is out now, and The Meeting Tree’s final show will be on Saturday, 23rd July at Splendour In The Grass.

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