15 Things The Triple J Hottest 100 Of 2015 Taught Us About Ourselves

Another Hottest 100 has come and gone, and as hungover Australians continue to power through work (swearing silently to never drink again) following on from yesterday’s public holiday festivities, it’s time to crunch the numbers and take a closer look at the lessons learnt from the results of the 23rd annual triple j Hottest 100.

Because the Hottest 100 is more than just a countdown. It’s a mirror that reflects the ever-evolving musical tastes of the Australian public, and our intrinsic relationship with the nation’s biggest taxpayer-funded youth broadcaster.

So what does this year’s Hottest 100 teach us about ourselves and our favourite radio station? We’ve attempted to answer that question by analysing the data and squeezing some wisdom nuggets into the nifty statistical listical, which you can check out below.

Meanwhile, if you missed it the first time round, the Hottest 100 of 2015 will be replayed on triple j from 10am on Saturday, 30th January. The station will then count down the 200th to 101st hottest songs of 2015 from 10am on Sunday, 31st January.

Gallery: 15 Things The Triple J Hottest 100 Taught Us About Ourselves

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