16 Times Marilyn Manson F*cked With Pop Culture

Back in the ’90s, no two words struck more terror into the hearts of parents than “Marilyn Manson“. For mums & dads in the pre-Y2K years, finding a Manson CD tucked away in their kid’s room was in many cases worse than finding their hidden stash of weed, ciggies and porn combined.

The goth king represented the absolute embodiment of their antisocial, trashy and satanic nightmares. From his grotesque demeanour to his filthy antics and heavy-as-hell music, the self-styled Antichrist Superstar has been accused of everything from corrupting the youth to subverting the image of our beloved Mickey Mouse.

But his particular brand of shock has also well surpassed the kind of whacked-out shit that’s triggered his CDs to be banned and burned globally (although there’s been plenty of that, too). Take his freshly-spawned album Heaven Upside Down, for instance, which not only proves that Manson is still the same lightning rod of controversy he’s always been (he’s still pissing off Jesus Christ some 23-years later, but now Trump supporters have also been added to the list) but takes the pageantry, debauchery, violence and punk spirit of his much-frothed earlier work and twists it in thrilling new directions.

Just this week, he dropped a gory AF new video for the sinister industrial creeper that is ‘SAY10’ that sees him murder Jack Sparrow himself, Hollywood A-lister Johnny Depp — yet another subversive curveball in a career built on subversive curveballs.

Yep. The God Of Fuck has fucked with pop culture more than pretty much any other artist you can name, and he continues to do so in new, unpredictable and — yep — shocking ways.

Check out just some of them, below.

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